Embroidered Polo shirts are our biggest seller with brands such as Russell, Henbury and Gildan being the most popular offering comfort and value for money. Polo shirts embroidered with your name or logo are a way of looking smart but also not feeling over dressed in the work place or even out and about at your local pub/restaurant, they are flexible and the wearer will never look out of place. The range we offer starts with a basic Gildan/Fruit of the Loom and goes to the more high end Henbury with the Russell brand being most popular due to it’s durability and value for money. Most Polo shirts come in a vast array of colours enabling the user to choose whichever they wish from a standard Black/White to a more colourful mix of Yellows, Greens and variations of Purple for example. They can be used both in the work place, office, factory or at home offering flexibility and for an average of around £10 including an embroidered logo they offer value for money. We don’t have a minimum order as we have single head embroidery machines as well as multi head enabling us to accommodate large orders of over 1,000 units or more. We have the added bonus of a large warehouse offering storage for large orders of embroidered Polo shirts enabling the customer to store all their products here and call them off when needed. With all garments Polo shirt washing instructions should always be followed to ensure longevity and shape retention. Browse through the different Polo’s above and call us to discuss your Polo embroidery needs and give your business constant advertising as well as making your staff look smart and professional.