Embroidery Services

High quality Embroidery

We are high quality embroiderers who work with a large customer base to supply a multitude of embroidered designs and apply them to everything from workwear, corporate clothing and sports goods, to personalised items for clubs, associations and individuals. We only use the best Barudan embroidery machinery and Madeira threads, to ensure your logo gives the image that you as the customer require and deserve.

Orders of any size 

We are a large embroidery house with the machine capacity to offer flexibility with orders of any size, from 1 item upwards. We will always use 2 pieces of backing paper behind the logo to ensure the design we are replicating has the best chance of looking as sharp as possible. By doubling the usual 1 sheet of backing paper this enables the needles to have a greater chance of creating a tighter, more detailed and accurate logo. All logos will be sampled and scanned to the client if requested as part of our commitment to ensuring high standards at all times. All of our embroidery staff are experienced and have incredibly high standards, enabling us to maintain our reputation for producing high quality logo’s at all times.

Embroidery on any type of garment

Any type of garment can be embroidered ranging from t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hi-vis and jackets, to caps, beanies, lap top bags and accessories such as sports holdalls, scarves and gloves. Embroidery works well on many fabrics and is ideal for branding most of the products that we supply; which will prove to be tough, resilient and give longevity. Complex and intricate designs are easily replicated and we make sure that the end result is a clear and crisp representation of the logo we have created.

Digitising from artwork supplied by you

The creation of an embroidery file involves us recreating the design from a JPEG or PDF file provided by you. The process of digitising continues with colour matching where necessary, to ensure a true representation of the logo when embroidering and then if requested, a sample copy scanned across for approval. To achieve this the logo is digitised in a way that ensures it runs smoothly with minimal stops and trims.

Matching brand guidelines with pantone references

The use of pantone references for matching design colours to brand guidelines is achieved successfully using Madeira thread references. Madeira have closely aligned their thread colours to pantone references to make this process as accurate and straightforward as possible. We may if appropriate use different needles and thread thicknesses, but this is all considered at the planning stage when we view a design for the first time.